Minister of Discipleship & Administration Worship Leader

Libby Burgtorf

 I joined the FBCWV Ministry Team in September 2001 as the Minister of Education & Administration.  Over the years the ministry has changed and along with it my job title.  In 2003 I began serving, along with my discipleship and administration duties as the interim worship leader (it’s been a long interim!).  I am so privileged to serve at FBCWV and am one of those lucky people who loves to come to work.

I was born and raised in Lexington, KY.  I am a graduate of the University of Kentucky (Bachelor of Arts in Social Work) and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Master of Arts in Christian Education).  I was married in 1999 to Jochen Burgtorf, who is a History Professor at Cal State University Fullerton.  Joe and I live in Brea, CA where we share our yard with our with our 7 year old, anxiety-ridden, border collie, Jagger.

    I am a singer, but not a musician.  I love the movies and I love to go to the movies.  I am transported by live theater of any kind (even opera which I had never attended until I was married to an opera buff).  I am a fan of Maeve Binchy books.  I hate tomatoes, but eat ketchup and spaghetti sauce.  My favorite book of all time is Jane Eyre and my favorite Disney animated movie is Beauty and the Beast.  I love to travel and will probably not live long enough to take all the trips I have planned in my head.  My husband is a keeper (thank God!) for many reasons, but especially because when I wanted to buy a 1923 bungalow instead of a new construction house – he let me.

“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death.”  Romans 8: 1-2

Assistant Pastor

Brian Vogelesang

While I wasn’t born in Southern California, I have lived here since I was 2 years old. I guess you could say I’m practically native. I started attending First Baptist Church of Walnut Valley when I was in Elementary school. My family decided to try other churches throughout my Middle and High School years, but once I graduated, I couldn’t help but come back. I’ve been attending this church since the early 2000’s, and came to discover Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in a real and intimate way in my mid-to late twenties.

After submitting to the Lord Jesus Christ, I went back to school and received my B.A. in Christian Ministry, and have earned my Master of Divinity from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. I joined the ministry team here at FBCWV in January of 2016 , and could not be happier. I look forward to following Jesus in love and service as I continue to minister to the wonderful people here. If you are reading this and looking for a church home, for answers to life’s difficult questions, or just want to be loved on, come join us!

                                                                                             — Brian

Romans 10:9 “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”

Minister to High School & College Students

Melissa Medina

 I started going to FBCWV when I was 5 years old. Over the years I have been ministered to and loved by our congregation, and my church family has nurtured much of my growth and faith in the Lord. In Middle School and High School I started to see my relationship with God really grow. It encouraged me to step out and begin volunteering and leading some of the ministries I had previously been apart of. In 2009 I was one of two summer missionaries to serve our church and help develop the children’s ministry. I loved being able to serve my church in this way, and it gave me the confidence to step into other leadership roles in ministry to further God’s Kingdom. In 2012 my brother and I became Youth Interns and served our High School students for about a year. Later that year I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Sociology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from California Baptist University.  In August 2013 I moved to Florida to be a houseparent to High School girls at a Christian home for girls. After returning to California, I worked at a girl’s group home for about 6 months before accepting my position at FBCWV as the Minister to High School and College Students.

    In addition to serving within my church, I have a heart for missions. I have been blessed to be apart of several mission trips both within the country and abroad. I love traveling to new places, meeting new people, and trying new things. When I lived in Florida part of my job was taking care of horses, I learned how to care for them as well as go horseback riding. I love music, Dodger Baseball, Netflix, all things Disney, and I have a serious addiction to Nail Polish!  One of my favorite past times is having coffee with friends

Minister to Children & Families

Leandra Burdett

I  had the privilege of becoming a member of the FBCWV ministry team in April 2015 as the Minister to Children and Middle School. More recently I have taken on the role of Minister to Children and Families. God has given me a passion for people, especially children, and making a difference in His name. Over the past 14 years I have served the children of FBC Walnut in different capacities and have learned so much from each opportunity. As someone who would say she had a great experience growing up in church, I hold a deep passion for recreating an environment where the children of FBC Walnut can learn more about the Jesus who loves them and deepen their relationship with Him. I cannot wait to see how God is going to continue to work in the lives of the children in Walnut.

I was born and raised in L.A. County and have always lived within an hour from my hometown. I attended and graduated from California Baptist University and in the summer of 2012 said, “I do” to my best friend. We currently reside in West Covina, CA where we are constantly learning new life lessons from our two pugs, Miles and Minnie. It is always a mystery what they will do next and how we will adapt to it. We like to think it’s good practice for when we have a family in the future.

In high school I was a member of the school band and really had a passion for music. I tried out many instruments, but my favorite experience by far, was when I was in drumline.  At CBU I joined one of the women’s choirs and gained a new experience when it comes to music. They are both great memories, but now I usually stick to singing and jamming to music in the car with my younger siblings and close friends. I love spending time with my family and always find myself on new adventures with them.  Although I am a creature of habit, I love going on adventures because you never know what’s going to happen and what you will discover. Life is always going to have road bumps, but I try to see the positive side of things and see what I can learn from it. I am not entirely sure what my future holds, but I know it’s in God’s hands so there’s no doubt that it’s going to be great.

Performing Arts Coordinator

Yvonne Read